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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Throughout the summer I will post fun stuff to do in Vancouver.

So here is the first one:

Go do Dulce Amore Gelato on Commercial.

This is our favorite one so far.  We are willing to try other places.

This made me laugh out loud!


Check out Chas Bayfield’s poster. He is trying to redefine Christmas by thinking about Jesus as a revolutionary rathern than a baby in a manger. Interesting stuff. One of my friends Matthew Gray sent me the link.

There was a terrible fire that destroyed the Simple Way community center.  Check out their web page for more details.

 NYT has a great series of articles called Kitchen Tales.  Here is an intro by


THE American kitchen has been an aspirational space ever since electricity and post-World War I prosperity commingled in a nifty new appliance called the refrigerator. “There are scads of ads from the 1920s showing people in tuxedos and evening gowns literally adoring their fridge,” said Victoria Matranga, a historian of industrial design and the design programs coordinator at the International Housewares Association near Chicago. Then as now, Ms. Matranga said, owning the right appliance flagged your social status by showing off your understanding of technology and progress, not to mention your prowess as a breadwinner. The kitchen has also long been a very personal space, not just a place where we tell stories about who we are, but a highly functional theater for those stories (even if the stories have nothing to do with the preparation of food).

I think this clip is hilarioius.  At dinner last night we talked about this clip and we were all laughing at the humor in this clip.

There are hard times in Gaza now.

says: Gaza is not a place for human beings anymore.

Let us continue to pray and act for peace in the Middle East.

This is a cool post.

What a concept!

Just leave your leftovers on top of a trash bin so others can eat.

Check out Replate.