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Monthly Archives: February 2006

You are not going to believe this new tool I just found through the UBC Library.
You got to checke it out.
It is called Ref Works.
When you set up your computer as a proxy server and go to the library website to look for journals just select import to refworks and you can create an account and it will make a bibliography for you in word format!!!!!
Can you blieve it.
It is like EndNote, but for free and you can import books into it and periodicals.
I can’t believe I just found this thing.
check it out!!!!

I preached this past Sunday at my church. Every time I go up front I get so nervous. I wonder if I will ever get over this nerveousness.
You can check out the sermon in a couple days at Kits Christian Community

Here are some beautiful pictures of China.
I wonder if they are real?China

If you are limited on the funds why buy iTunes music for this contest, although I did buy a new album yesterday. However you can enter 25 times if you go here: Billion Song Entry Form. You can enter 25x a day!!!!!
Most peole I know don’t have the kinda cash to buy 25 songs, so do it barrio style and enter the contest free!

He has a one man show that sounds so funny.
He says, “In order to beat the Gringo in Bingo you gota learn the lingo mi hairmano.”
Check out his website: Pepe Serna

Michelle Bachelet
First president to choose half male and half female cabinet.
It will be interesting to watch President Bachelet and how she leads Chile in a time of reformation. She is trying to close the gap between the rich and poor. She takes over on March 11.
I am excited to watch how President Bachelet will try to make this happen.

"L’Eterno e’ il mio pastore; nulla mi manchera’"
Originally uploaded by gwilmore.

This is Psalms 23 in Italian. However, I can’t read Italian. I am memorizing it in Hebrew for my class. I just got my butt kicked by the Hebrew class today. I am so lost right now.

This has not been a good semester in regards to my studies.

This is a good Psalm to learn during this time.