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Monthly Archives: January 2006

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So this is what I feel like.
The reading I have to do seems like it is so much bigger than me, engulfing me. However it is a good place because I am too lazy to read on my own. This graduate school is stretching me in big ways, but it is so stressful. Yesterday I got home around 10:30 PM from work and then I had to get up at 6 AM to get ready and go to my Hebrew vocab quiz. Lots of words. I am trying to learn a new langauge!!! Argh! I can’t even speak correct english or spanish. Estoy loco y choco! I think I need new glasses because words are starting to appear blurry. I am scared of getting bifocals because that will make me feel older, but I have had bad eyes since grade six (Candadian style of saying school years). I was the nerdy boy with huge glasses. If i lined up the two lenses I could see the moon!

calla lily
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The calla lily is our favorite flower. I love how it is just a simple yet elegant flower. Here is a wonderful picture. I discovered this flower when I was shopping for Lisa’s birthday when we were dating. This flowers represents so many fond memories of our lives together. We even used calla lilies in our wedding.

Love you Lisa.

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Never know where you will find Jesus.

Full Moon Rising Over Vancouver Panorama
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On Friday, Lisa will be presenting on missions at Missions Fest this weekend. I am excited for Lisa because this gives Lisa an opportunity to use her excellent teaching skills.

We plan to check out the sessions on Saturday.

Lots going on this week here at Regent. Lots of books to read and hebrew to study.

Lisa’s Birthday is next week!!!!!
We have another excuse to have fun and party together.

Back to the reading again.
I am doing Exegesis, Preaching and Worship, and Hebrew second part of first year.
Exegesis reading is good, but hard to get through quickly.
I want to learn to do it well because this is one of the most important parts of preaching.
The problem is that I get distracted to easy and I begin to blog or write other things.

It is a rainy day so I don’t feel too bad being inside.
Yesterday Lisa and I tried to go to this long jetty near the airport, but sadly we got lost and then there was a mean guy at the gate. They lock up the part after 5 PM and we went to the wrong park and he was not helpful at all. He just told us to get out of the park and we were lost. Park people are either very helpful or very grumpy. I guess they got to deal with people all day and it wears on you at the end. The best park people I met were on Oregon’s coastal parks. They were so much fun. One of the park rangers took my friend and I on a tour of the berries at the park and showed us the best ones to eat. Also at Yellowstone I met some nice rangers. Canada has yet to impress me. That is surprising since Canadians are suppossed to be helpful. I guess I can’t judge all Canadian park people on the basis of one guy here in Richmond.

Anyone heard some good music recently?

Last weekend I finished Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini.
It was not an enjoyable read in the sense that it did not make me feel happy or good, but it was about real life and I felt like it did not shy away from the tough things in life.

The NY Times Book Review (on the back cover) said, “a story of fierce cruelty and fierce yet redeeming love.” I would agree on the fierce cruelty, but I don’t know about the redeeming love. It seemed that the main character was seeking redemption of his own haunting past rather than loving the child that was in need of redemption. I guess at the end I can see the love, but it seemed that the parents never were able to really love the child.

It was a hard read. There were points in the book that I thought, why and I reading this because it is making me depressed. Then there were moments where I was able to see life from a different perspective and that made me keep reading. Also what kept me reading was the need to see the main character redeemed out of the deep pain he was living.

One of the things that fascinated me was the importance of prayer throughout the story. I would like to sit and talk to a Muslim person about prayer because it was so central. I lent the book to a friend and I am excited to hear what he has to say.

Currently I am reading the Chonic-What-Cles of Narnia. That is a drastic difference to Kite Runner. I am interested in reading I Am Charlotte Simmons next, but I don’t know if the book will live up to the hype. Tom Wolfe’s next book is of more interest to me. I don’t know the title, but it will be on the life of immigrants in the US. Since he is writing on current themes, my guess is that the book has to involve a Latin American family.

It was a tough game this weekend. The Skins could not pull off the win, but I am proud of the Skins.
I was in Washington state during the game. That was not fun.
But I am proud to cheer for the DC team.
Cant’ wait for next season.

All the games were close and very dramatic.
The Colts and Steelers game was such a roller coaster.
It should be an interesting Super Bowl.
I can’t believe the Steelers, Broncos, and Pathers made it this far.
What a season.

I am man enough to say I watch Oprah.
A couple days ago I watched Jay Leno on the Oprah Show and he was introducing Amazing Kinds. You got to watch this guy Dante dance, he can get down. I didn’t get to watch the whole show, but he was my favorite kid. Check out the two clips by clicking here.

Inner Healing Class
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This was our last gathering last year with our Inner Healing Class. It was so sad to end the class. It was so much fun and informative.

Yes! I have just arrived from Charlotte, NC.
It was a great trip and I am thourghly exhausted.
My goal today is to catch up on emails and rest and read.
I picked up Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini.
What a tragic story.
I am only halfway through, once I finish I will write what I think.

Hopefully now I will be able to blog some more now that I am a little more settled down.