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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Yesterday I talked to a guy who commutes to work on a bike, and he told me that Bike DC no longer happens. This is the first full summer I am back in DC and I am so sad to hear that Bike DC does not happen anymore.  Is there any chance this can come back?  Does anybody miss it too?

Bike DC is a day when some streets are shut down and you can bike a route around the city.  It is great.  I did it back in 2002 and I loved it.

Well it could be a myth that it is no longer around b/c Bike DC does have a website and they have an October 17, 2009 date up, but where are the details?  I hope that I can make it.  That would be lots of fun.

If not Bike DC, what about bike the new fast lane coming in on the Beltway?  Wouldn’t that be a crazy race?  Biking on the fast lane could be better than sending cars through it.  It is probably faster at certain times than cars.  That would be cool to have it only bikes during rush hour.

Check out this movie called Return to El Salvador.  One of my friends is the director and I helped him with some interviews for the movie.

Anybody got a translation for this song?

Our baby loves to listen to the Chandamama Around the World. She laughs and begins dancing when we put it on.

The Around the World project has some good music.

The Mind of the Maker by Dorothy Sayers (New York: Meridian Books 1956)

How then can [humans] be said to resemble God? Is it his immortal soul, his rationality, his self-consciousness, his free will, or what, that gives him a claim to this rather startling distinction?  A case may be argued for all the elements in the complex nature of man.  But had the author of Genesis anything in particular in his mind when he wrote?  It is observable that in the passage leading up to the statement about man, he has given no detailed information about God.  Looking at man, he sees in him something essentially divine, but when we turn back to see what he says about the original upon which the “image” of God was modelled, we find only the single assertion, “God created.” The characteristic common to God and man is apparently that: the desire and the ability to make things. (34)

Aside: I just changed the first instance of “man” to “human” but the rest is quoted as was written by Sayers