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Monthly Archives: December 2004

Finals are over! It was a great feeling to accomplish one semester at Regent!
Yesterday we went to Ziel’s, a Brazilian missionary in residence at Regent, home for his going away party.
He and his family has encouraged us Latin American students here in Vancouver.
It was sad to say goodbye to them.
On Sat. we fly home!
Lisa and I can’t wait to go home!

The one day I wished we took our camera on a walk. Lisa and I were walking outside. I saw a woman down the block walking what I thought was a big dog. I said to Lisa, “Look she is walking a horse.” As she approached us it was, in fact, a horse! We stopped and talked to the lady. She said it was a miniature horse! We couldn’t believe it. It was a sight to see. She had rescured the horse after it was abandoned, almost starved at a barn. The horse now lives in the nieghborhood and works as a childrens party horse. He earns his hay and apples by working. It was a pretty cool sight.

In honor of our return back East, I a posting a radio story about Adams Morgan. A Walk in the Park: Machetes and Marigolds

The holidays have come quickly upon us, at least for Lisa and me. We enjoy seeing the Christmas spirit here in Vancouver. I think people in Vancouver like Christmas more than we do in DC. There are much more houses decorated with lights. Even the little neighborhood stores put up Christmas lights on the trees and decorate their stores.

In a class this week one of the professors said that Advent is a nice break inbetween our Old Testament Studies and New Testament Studies. I thought that was a good point. It has been hard to concentrate on anything except for exams and papers to write at the end of the semester.

This is an interesting article on Security Firms going to El Salvador to recruit security guards for Iraq. The Security Firm is advertising the job as the “Iraqi Dream.”

For an inspiring story you can check out the interview of Dr. Juan Ramagoza who survived torture in El Salvador because he was seen as a subversive because he was treating the poor on the countryside. Ironically he returned to El Salvador to recieve an award as a Distinquished Salvadoran.

Well it is the end of my first semester. I got lots of exams and papers. Haven’t had much time to blog. I am loving Regent. Lisa and I are having a great time in Vancouver.