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Return to El Salvador tomorrow night at the Gala Hispanic Theater.

Hope to see you there.


Do not forget about the continued fight for Mr. Davis’ life.  Seven out of the nine witnesses have recanted their testimony against Mr. Davis.  Sign a petition to free this man from the sentence of death.

Troy Anthony Davis has been denied justice. He was accused of murdering a policeman, however seven of the nine witnesses have changed their story.

Please check out a call to action from Troy’s website or Amnesty International.

Here are is one thing you can do:

Here is the latest from Martina and her Call to Action.

Please let people know the Parole Board is trying to limit letters coming in to support Troy so here are all of their fax numbers and you can also call them. Please encourage people to send letters or call both Parole Board and Governor.


State Board of Pardons and Paroles
2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, SE
Suite 458, Balcony Level, East Tower
Atlanta, Georgia 30334-4909
(phone) 404-656-5712 or 404-651-8502

(fax) 404-651-6670; (404)651-8502; (404) 651-5282; (404) 463-6627

Please fax Governor Sonny Perdue and say the people do not want Troy Davis executed please commute the sentence, this is destroying the confidence of the people in the state lawmakers present and future and where are concerned about executing someone who has a strong case of innocence even thought the courts have refused to hear new evidence contrary to what the prosecutor is saying and that we will not support a state government killing in our name any longer.
According to the Georgia Constitution Article V Section II, it says the governor does have chief executive powers, that the governor is the conservator of peace throughout the state, so constitutionally there is nothing preventing the governor to step in when public opinion says STOP the EXECUTION of TROY DAVIS. This will not be seen as usurpation of the Parole Board’s constitutional power, they are appointed by the governor.
Below you have the info on the governor.
Governor Sonny Perdue (R-GA)
1st-term Republican from Georgia.
Governor Perdue
Bio & Contact Info
Contact Information
Web Site:
E-mail: Contact Via ‘Web Form.’

203 State Capitol
Atlanta, GA 30334
Phone: (404) 656-1776
Fax: (404) 656-5947 and 404-657-7332

Washington Office:
400 N. Capitol St., NW, Ste. 376
Washington, DC 20001
Phone: (202) 624-3681
Background Information
Party: Republican
Residence: Bonaire
Marital Status: Married (Mary)
Prev. Occupation: Small Business Owner, Veterinarian
Prev. Political Exp.: Houston Co. Planning and Zoning Commission, 1980-90; GA Senate, 1990-2002
Education: DVM Univ. of GA, 1971
Military: USAF, 1971-74
Birthdate: 12/20/1946
Birthplace: Perry, GA
Religion: Baptist
Other Information
Term: 1st
First Elected: 2002
Percentage in Last Election: 51%
The Perdue’s attend the First Baptist Church of Woodstock, Georgia where he is a Sunday School teacher.

Throughout the summer I will post fun stuff to do in Vancouver.

So here is the first one:

Go do Dulce Amore Gelato on Commercial.

This is our favorite one so far.  We are willing to try other places.

If you are in Vancouver on April 29th you got to check out the MEC Gear Swap.  It is the place to get some good gear for a cheap price.  Why buy new when you can get it for less if it is used? 

My friend Alex Cameron encouraged me to take a running class. I always thought that running stores were only for the super thin and muscular people. I thought that running was not for me. However, Alex took me to a running store and I had a great conversation with the worker there at the Running Room. I signed up for the class and I have had a great time. Today is my last class. It was fun to run with a group of people. It made the run a lot more fun. I like the whole idea of being on a team.

So now I am going to run the St. Patrick’s Day 5K here in Vancouver. Anybody want to come along? It is only $20 and there is a party afterwards with Irish Stew and beer! Here is the registration if you are interested.

Ethical Progressive Intelligent Consumer (EPIC) Expo in Vancouver

It is an expo on sustainable living. It starts Friday and ends Sun.

Looks interesting.

Check out their main stage.

4th Annual “A Story to Tell
and a Place for the Telling” Series
The Canadian Red Cross, in partnership with Vancouver Public Library and local grassroots NGO’s, are proud to present the fourth in the 2006/07 series:

“Legislating Protections” with speakers: Naomi Minwalla, Catherine Dauvergne, Harsha Walia

This panel will speak to the current situation for migrant and non-status residents of Canada, overview the legal context and barriers to full participation, and point toward human rights solutions.

Hosted by: Russ Froese
Tuesday March 13th, 7:30 p.m.
Alice McKay Room, Vancouver Public Library Central Branch
350 West Georgia Street, Vancouver
Free event – all welcome
More information? (604) 709-6662

Naomi Minwalla

Naomi Minwalla is a lawyer who is deeply devoted to people and to justice. She has a passion for law and for helping people in need. Naomi trained extensively at internationally renowned universities. She has two law degrees (English common law and French civil law) with distinction from McGill University, Canada. She was the recipient of a Commonwealth Scholarship at Oxford University, England where she obtained a master’s degree in social anthropology. She also has a bachelor’s degree with honours in economics and political science (summa cum laude) from York University, Canada.

Before becoming a lawyer, Naomi emigrated to two different countries, worked in overseas refugee camps, travelled the world extensively, lived in many different countries, and volunteered in a women’s shelter. She brings to her law practice a depth of first-hand experience and understanding of human relationships, cultures, and political issues from all over the world.

Naomi completed her law article training with the British Columbia Ministry of Attorney General where she worked as a Crown Prosecutor before starting her own law firm that focuses exclusively on immigration, refugee, and extradition law. She represents a wide variety of people from every continent in the world, and uniquely combines solid legal skills with compassion and care for all.

Catherine Dauvergne

Catherine Dauvergne joined the UBC Faculty of Law in 2002 as an Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Migration Law. She was previously a member of the Faculty of Law, University of Sydney. In 1995, she clerked for Chief Justice Antonio Lamer. At UBC, Prof. Dauvergne teaches Immigration and Refugee Law as well as legal theory courses. She was a member of the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies Early Career Researcher Associate Professor Cohort 2003-04.

Catherine is currently involved in three funded research projects. She holds a SSHRC grant running until 2008 with which she is investigating the role of exceptional discretion under Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. This project focuses on national security cases and humanitarian and compassionate grounds for exceptions. With Jenni Millbank at the University of Sydney she has just been awarded $280,000AUD by the Australian Research Council to investigate first-instance refugee decision-making in six countries. She is also in the final stages of revising a collaborative report, ‘Gendering Canada’s Refugee Process’, funded by Status of Women Canada.

Harsha Walia

Harsha Walia is a community activist and writer working with immigrant and refugee rights and aboriginal sovereignty struggles. She recently worked in India for anti-corporate struggles in one of the largest People’s Alliance movements. Recently, Harsha was a speaker at the UBC Colour Connected Forum and advocated for the social and labour equality of Canada’s at-risk communities.

My sister who works in social work asked me to read this doc called Reclaimging the American Dream and comment.  Okay I agree it is a bad title.  However they are trying to help low-income kids get higher education.  The more eyes that see it the better.  So check it out and give some feed back.

Here is an opportunity for public lament:

A Lenten Vigil

For the Silenced

Wednesdays, 12 noon to 1:00 PM

February 21, 2007 through March 28, 2007

 Robson Street, outside the Vancouver Art Gallery

We stand in solidarity with those with whom Jesus identified — the poor, the homeless, the shunned, the aged, the sick, the foreigners, the criminal outcasts— THE SILENCED.

We represent various Christian communities. During these six weeks of Lent, we prepare for Easter, a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus who we confess to be the Christ, God’s anointed One.

Lent is a time for each of us to ask ourselves: How does my life reflect what I believe? Do I show the respect due to all because they are made in the image of God? What do I do to affirm and promote justice for all people and all of creation?

From Jesus own words, we know our responsibility is to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, visit the sick and those in prison— ALL OF THEM SILENCED as Jesus was silenced by the occupying Roman empire and collaborators.

Yet in our name and with our tax dollars, our governments— and sometimes our churches — turn deaf ears to the cries of the poor. 

Even now, 5000 people living in Single Room Occupancy hotels in Vancouver are being forced into homelessness in mid-winter with the aquiescence of Vancouver City Council despite pre-Olympic promises that they would be housed .

You too can help us to urge Mayor Sullivan, Vancouver City Council, Premier Gordon Campbell and Prime Minister Harper to act compassionately by housing the homeless.

Please Join Us