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Monthly Archives: November 2004

Maria Martin is interviewed in Guatemala in the radio broadcast of Central America after the war. Check it out.

This is Radio program begins November 12th and covers the current state of Latin America after the wars. I can’t wait to hear it.

I am reading Opening to God by Thomas Green. It is a great book.
Here is a quote that has occupied my mind for a few days.

“True knowledge of God always goes hand in hand with a painful self-knowledge. John of the Cross expresses it beautifully by means of the famous metaphor of the log of wood being transformed into fire. As the wood burns, it becomes blackened, it cracks and steams, and all the knotholes and flaws are exposed. If the log could speak it would cry out: “My seeking to become fire was a mistake! I am now worse than when I started—black, ugly and flawed. I was better off before.” The log is the soul and the fire is God. And the truth, of course, is that the log is not worse off than it was before. All the ugliness and defects were present before but they were concealed. The only way the log can become fire is to be revealed honestly and openly as what it is in itself. The process is painful but, contrary to appearances, it is the mark of real growth in union with God. That is why good souls who are making real progress often feel they are regressing and getting further from God.”