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Monthly Archives: June 2003

“Work is good, provided you do not forget to live.” African Proverb

I got to say that right now despite life’s struggles and challenges that life is good. My path has crossed with one who deeply loves me and I love her. We are engaged and planning a wedding. It seems impossible to be at this point in my life. I do not feel prepared or adequate for such an undertaking. There have been very few life decisions where I have felt ready. It seems, as if once I figure one stage it is time to move on to the next.

Yesterday as I looked at tuxedos I thought am I spending too much time preparing for this moment in life, like other moments when it appears is not as big as I imagined it to be. I remember sitting at my high school and college graduation being disappointed because it did not feel as if the years of hard work and study fulfill me as I thought they would. School had always been difficult for me. I find that the things that bring me great pleasure is seeing individual lives be transformed by the One who loves us without limit. Next Monday I begin working at a ministry called Little Lights at their summer program named Camp Heaven. I am very excited to love on kids and for a moment in time pour my life to share that which is most precious to me.

Faith Building
“I have looked back over mine [life], for certain themes and patterns and signals that are so easy to miss when you’re caught up in the process of living them. . . I think that he speaks to us largely through what happens to us, so what I have done both in this book and in its predecessor is to listen back over what has happened to me . . . for the sound, above all else, of his voice.

Because the word that God speaks to us is always an incarnate word–a word spelled out to us not alphabetically, in syllables, but enigmatically, in events, even in the books we read and movies we see–the chances are we will never get it just right. We are so used to hearing what we want to hear and remaining deaf to what it would be well for us to hear that it is hard to break the habit.” by Frederick Buechner in Now and Then (p. 3)

This is an effort for me to do that which Buechner talks about. So like the 12 stones that were a memorial to God’s intervention in the crossing of the Jordan I hope to put stones up for friends and family to read of God’s faithfulness in my life (Joshua 4). Most importantly this is a place for me to try to discern God’s voice in my life and make this journey accessible to those who are in my life.