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Monthly Archives: March 2007

If you are in Vancouver on April 29th you got to check out the MEC Gear Swap.  It is the place to get some good gear for a cheap price.  Why buy new when you can get it for less if it is used? 

This is a movie I can’t wait to see.

It’s called Amazing Grace.

It is about the life of William Wilberforce.

I came in 444 out of 467 in the race.

To see the results click here. 

It has been difficult to blog since Lisa and I are now house-sitting.  There is no wireless so I cannot connect my laptop to write.  So the next couple of weeks my writing might be sparse.

Well I got to run the 5k on Sat.  It was good, but I did not experience the  “runner’s high.”  I did have the runner’s burn!  The best part of it was that my running group kept encouraging me.  There was a point where we were going up a steep incline and I didn’t think I could make it all the way.  However, one of the fellow runners kept saying, “Julio you are doing great!  We are 2/3 the way done.”  Once we went down hill I got to recover.  I don’t know if I will keep going further, but I do want to keep running.

I must confess that I have not run after this past Sat.   I should have run yesterday, but my friend Caleb turned the biggest paper of his Regent career.  We celebrated by playing Madden on the Wii.  Wow!  I tried playing another game, Blades of Steel or something like that.  It gave me a headache so I thought I would not play anymore games.  However, I played Madden 2007 for the first time.  It was so much fun!  It was the easiest football game to learn since Tecno Bowl.  That was the game back in the day!  I am hooked.  I want a Wii now.  I felt like I was getting a work-out too b/c you have to move to control the players.  I was sweating bullets.  Caleb and I are tied 1-1.

If you are anywhere near Seattle you gotta check this Festival.

It looks pretty cool. They got films, discussions and speakers.

Eliacin’s blog is where I first heard about this event.

Check this dude out.

I don’t know where he is from but he has some skills

Terrence Tao is teaching on prime numbers. 

He is a child prodigy that is now 31 and teaching at UCLA.

Here is a little quote from the article:

In English classes, for instance, he became flustered when he had to write essays.

“I never really got the hang of that,” he said. “These very vague, undefined questions. I always liked situations where there were very clear rules of what to do.”

Assigned to write a story about what was going on at home, Terry went from room to room and made detailed lists of the contents.

No this is not a weight loss program.  I just found out about it in my running class and then a friend sent me some links of the diet.  

The 100 Mile Diet is an effort to transform the global food industry by eating local.  One friend was excited because he said there are so many restaurants to choose from within a 100 miles of his home.  However, if you take part in the diet you commit to eating food only grown within a 100 miles of your home.  If you live in metric it is about 161 KM (This a shout out to the Canadians).  One friend did it last year and she said that it is lots of potatoes in the winter, but in the summer it is so easy to do here in Vancouver.  Check out the 100 mile diet web site and and the Tyee articles on the diet.

My friend Alex Cameron encouraged me to take a running class. I always thought that running stores were only for the super thin and muscular people. I thought that running was not for me. However, Alex took me to a running store and I had a great conversation with the worker there at the Running Room. I signed up for the class and I have had a great time. Today is my last class. It was fun to run with a group of people. It made the run a lot more fun. I like the whole idea of being on a team.

So now I am going to run the St. Patrick’s Day 5K here in Vancouver. Anybody want to come along? It is only $20 and there is a party afterwards with Irish Stew and beer! Here is the registration if you are interested.

My friend Lee Kosa tipped me off to the Sony Bravia commercial which has some John Gonzales music. Check it out.  His music is so chill.