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Return to El Salvador tomorrow night at the Gala Hispanic Theater.

Hope to see you there.



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Prayers going out for Haiti and may the joy, dance and color that Haiti is know continue to shine in the midst of this chaos.

My wife and I watched the movie Rumba recently. It is a movie with lots a beautiful dancing. A good film to watch.

My wife read me this qu0te today:

“Though the forces of evil infecting whole nations and peoples are often hidden, complex, and elusive, we are called, as Christians, to unmask and expel them in the Name of the God of love.  That is the reason why we must continually search for a Christian spirituality which is global in its dimensions and unafraid to take seriously the dark forces at work on the international level.”  (Lifesigns, p. 93)

It is very appropriate for Christ the King Sunday.

Miss being there today.  I was there last year.

After twenty years, the six Jesuit priests have been honored by El Salvador.  El Salvador commemorated the priests by awarding them the highest civilian award.  You can see some of the coverage of this event on Democracy Now.

Check out Robert Bergman’s exhibit at the National Gallery of Art.  He has been a photographer for almost 6 decades.  Check out this article about him on NPR.  He has developed a printing process that he describes as:

“multiple impression inkjets with various isolation coats of conservator chemicals used to intensify the colors, some of them with three days of hand-applied micro-crystal and waxes over the isolation coats.”

He worked for 14 years to get his show at the National Gallery.  He is there until Jan. I think it will be worth a visit.  Here is another article on his work.

Today Democracy Now interview’s Troy’s sister Martina Correa. The video is available at DemocracyNOW.ORG. This man is innocent. Judge Rosemary Barkett dissented. “To execute Davis, in the face of a significant amount of proffered evidence that may establish his actual innocence, is unconscionable and unconstitutional,” she wrote.

To take action go to Amensety International.

Yesterday I talked to a guy who commutes to work on a bike, and he told me that Bike DC no longer happens. This is the first full summer I am back in DC and I am so sad to hear that Bike DC does not happen anymore.  Is there any chance this can come back?  Does anybody miss it too?

Bike DC is a day when some streets are shut down and you can bike a route around the city.  It is great.  I did it back in 2002 and I loved it.

Well it could be a myth that it is no longer around b/c Bike DC does have a website and they have an October 17, 2009 date up, but where are the details?  I hope that I can make it.  That would be lots of fun.

If not Bike DC, what about bike the new fast lane coming in on the Beltway?  Wouldn’t that be a crazy race?  Biking on the fast lane could be better than sending cars through it.  It is probably faster at certain times than cars.  That would be cool to have it only bikes during rush hour.

Check out this movie called Return to El Salvador.  One of my friends is the director and I helped him with some interviews for the movie.