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Monthly Archives: November 2007

Lisa and I have been in Mexico since November 10.

We are in Mexico seeking rest, solitude and sunshine.

We met up with one of my college friends and his wife (Nate and Angela) from Eastern in San Diego. We also saw Lisa’s uncle and aunt (Dick and Donna).  After SD we went to Tijuana to meet up with Regent Friends (Jero and Bety).  We have been traveling with them through the Baja Desert for the past 10 days.

Tomorrow we head to  La Paz, Mexico.

We will be there until mid December.

More updates coming soon.

SD Zoo

This poem has been very meaningful to us in this time.


One night I dreamed a dream:
I was walking through dense woods.
At times I appeared to be walking alone;
it seemed that no one was around.
No one cared
or expressed interest.
But when I looked more closely, they were there.
Some hid behind the trees,
thinking they too were alone.
Others were further ahead, leading the way.
Still others were behind, following my trail.
A small group was right beside me
with outstretched arms and welcoming smiles,
at times visible,
at others, hidden from view.
And behind them all, and in them all,
and through them all-
those that hid, those that led,
those that followed, and those close at hand-
And then I saw a city.
It was majestic and exquisite,
like a new bride,
radiant and perfect.
A city teeming with people beyond number.
Those that used to hide, those that led,
those that followed, and those that expressed care-
they were all there.
And I was among them.
And then I heard a loud voice,
“The home of God is among mortals.
He will dwell with them as their God;
they will be his peoples,
and God himself will be with them.”
I wept.
But then He wiped every tear from my eye.

Rod Wilson