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Monthly Archives: January 2005

garibaldi in the summer
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Canada is so beautiful!

garibaldi panorama
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This is another cool panorama shot in Vancouver.

Vancouver Lighthouse
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January 30th is Lisa’s, my wife, birthday!!!!!
Happy Birthday my love.
I cannot remember what it was like when I lived without you. You are a joy and inspiration to me.
Love you mi amor.

Today our was the first weekend of ultimate games. We won the first game 13-2. The second game went on for ever. We (Regent Raiders) played the other Regent team (Macabees). It was an intense game. We were up 8 to 4 and then they came back and we were neck and neck the whole game. We finallly won in the end. It was a fun game. It was a little sad for Lisa and I because the other team was made up from a lot of the members from the championship team from last fall. We are glad to be on the ultimate field again.

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This is Fide, Rina and Pakwa’s little girl. One day I helped at the children’s care during Chapel. It was so cool to see Rina lead the music while Fide joined in so enthusiastically. This family brings a lot of joy and energy to Regent.

iLove you.
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I forgot to post that Lisa and I played ultimate frisbee last semster and our team won the tournament. We played the tournament at BC Stadium. It was so cool to play in a dome b/c you can jump higher and you feel like you are flying when you leap through the air. The past two weeks games have been canceled b/c of rain or snow. So we hope to start this Sat. We will let you know how it goes.

Nicolas Andrew Jacobsen
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Congrats Dave and Christine.
Welcome Nicolas.
We were waiting for you!
Check out Dave and Christine’s video of Nicolas at the hospital about his Hiccups. It is so funny.

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I didn’t even know you were leaving Regent.
You are missed.
Hopefully we get to see you sometime when you come to visit.

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It was a good day of classes.
Today Darrel Johnson gave a passionate lecture on the Trinity. It was an excellent class.
Tonight we are having dinner with our friends.
We had a great day yesterday of catching up with friends and loads of reading.
I am reading Jonthan Edward’s biography by Masden. It is lots to read the night before the class.

Say it ain’t so.
The US wants to impliment the same
counterinsurgency methods used in El Salvador in Iraq.
Salvador Option
This is so sad. I pray that this does not happen.