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Monthly Archives: April 2007

I just finished seeing El hijo de la novia (The Son of the Bride).  I don’t even want to talk about it because I want you to see it so we can talk about.  It is a beautiful movie that let’s you see what love is about!!!!  I don’t even know what to say about the movie, just go see it!  What I loved most about the movie is that the actors took you to a deep place because they were so real.  A beautiful movie and a must see!

This is an independent film about a cross country bike tour.

I did a cross-country bike tour at the same time in 2001.  We started at the Atlantic and went to the Pacific.  Unfortunately we did not cross paths, but this looks like a great documentary.  Check out the first episode.

One of my friend’s Lee Kosa pointed me to this trailer.

I had to share it on my blog.  It looks intense.

The movie is called Trade.

I am in the middle of finishing up my final papers for term.  I haven’t got a chance to blog in a long time.  This is a quick one just to say I am still in the blogging world, but it is on hold.