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Monthly Archives: November 2005

Wisdom is better than warheads,

But one hothead can ruin the good earth.

I am reading C. Peter Wagner’s book Taking Our Cities For God.
He writes:

When we are single we long for the intimacy of marriage—just to have somebody to have somebody of “my own.” We fantasize about moments of emotional and physical intimacy. Eventually we may bet married and face the reality of actually dividing our time, money and space with another person. That’s when we discover how much we really need Jesus.(206)

The emphasis is mine.

World On Fire Video
Check out this video.
I just heard about it last week and I saw it for the first time.
It is a powerful message.
She shows the cost of what a video would cost and how she spent the money on relief than on production of the video.
Great stuff.
Way to go Sara M!

You gota check this group out.
I love that their music isn’t sampled, but it is a real band doing their thing.
This is some good music.

Hebrew Vowel Chart

So end of semster crunch is here!
I posted a picture of what I am studying so you can see it too.
Teaching Spanish for a year has helped me in the study of this language.
What a suprise!
Sometimes I wish I did this class first before I taught because our prof does some good things explaining the language that I could of used in Spanish.
Well I got to stop procrastinating.

I got a Hebrew Exam tomorrow and I can’t study anymore!!!
It has been so great to learn about this language and how the Bible was written.
Love learning, but I don’t like taking these tests.

The little goldfish asked, “Why is the water so cold sometimes?”
“I don’t know”, said the elderly wise goldfish.
“Why is it so warm sometimes,” the little goldfish asked.
“I don’t know.”
“Then how,” the little goldfish asked, “can you say the human master is a good master if sometimes the water in this bowl is warm, and sometimes the water is cold.”
“I know,” the elderly wise goldfish replied, “because there’s water.”
Written by:
rhymes with kerouac

Development continues in DC.
This article raises some important questions when gentrification offers a lucrative offer to a small church.
A Boom Giveth, and It Taketh Away
Here are some excerpts from the article:

When Church of the Rapture sells for $10 million this year, the Pentecostal storefront on the corner of 14th and T streets NW hits the jackpot. Pastor Theresa Garrison always says that God channels his wishes through her, and when He said, “Sell,” it was near the peak of a commercial real estate boom on 14th Street. . .

To the outside world, the church is a mystery, a big slab on the corner with double-parked cars. When drums and organs are bringing the congregation to a boil, sometimes the muffled fury and sharp cymbals seep from the building, causing a man to pause one night outside a prayer service and ask, “Is that a jazz club?”

Lawrence Guyot walks the sidewalks of Shaw, watching as small black businesses and institutions are replaced by real estate development and the whims of newcomers. “There is a total avoidance of the value and history of the people we are dealing with,” says Guyot, a community activist and former member of a Ward 1 Advisory Neighborhood Commission. “How many people in that area put themselves in mind of the parishioners? What does it do to you, when a church, the place you worship, vanishes? It’s not just another building.”

Guyot knows the story line is not that simple. The church struck a lucrative deal and is ready to go. “What’s the best way to exit with grace and aplomb?” Guyot asks. “Millions of dollars is the answer.”

What would you do if you were in their shoes?
This is a tough question.
What happens when the church goes and expensive conds move in and the neighborhood is left behind?
This is a curse and a blessing.
It would be interesting to follow the church and how the church stewards the money.

I am about to enter the abyss of the final month of classes.
During this time there is hardly any time for breathing, but just cranking out the work I got to do.
So my blog will be uninteresting over the next few weeks. It has been most of the semester since I haven’t had much time to blog. But what can you do?

We had a wonderful time in Washington this weekend at Bob Eckblad’s class.
It was a great time of learning and praying. Bob has a passion to see the Gospel lived in power among people on the margins. It is amazing to see what he is up to. If you ever get a chance to go to his ministry, you shoud go.

I just bought my first pre-order of an album on iTunes.
Check out The Roots’ Homegrown: A Beginners Guide to Understanding the Roots, Vols. 1 & 2.
I can’t wait to get this album. ?uestlove over sees the remastering of this album.

It has been a long time since I have been able to blog.
Tests and papers coming up during this time that has made it difficult to blog.
A few weeks ago my parents were here.
Here is a picture of my parent’s visiting Caleb and Tara.

It was fun having them out here to see Vancouver and getting to know our friends and church family.
This weekend Lisa and I will be in WA for our class with Bob Eckblad.
We are looking forward to it.