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We are approaching Black Friday (the biggest consumer day for retail stores). Something new I recommend is participating in the 2008 Buy Nothing Day.

Here are Four things you can do instead to reduce consumerism.

  1. Giveaway stuff. Reusit is a network of people who offer free stuff to others in order to reduce consumerism and promote environmentalism.
    Here is a message from the Reuse It DC moderator.
    Instead of going out an buying more stuff on BLACK FRIDAY, why not go through your closets and clean up the items in your home that you are not going to use, including season stuff like newer toys, and Christmas Items then OFFER them for the holiday on gifting post like REUseIt DC. If you have children, get them involved in making this a new tradition, start them young on the environmental track.
    Remember, what may not be useful to you, may be useful to someone else. Even if it’s an empty coffee can! (I use to keep the kids crayons, pens, leftover condiment packets for later use, paper clips, etc!)
  2. Borrow a board game or lend a movie through Lend List. This is a website designed to help people borrow or lend things with people in their neighborhood.
  3. Join the US Antiheroes. The Antiheros hit the streets on Black Friday to encourage people to spend time with their families instead of shopping.
  4. Need something at home check out FreeCycle to find it for free.


  1. I’m a member of both ReUseItDC and FreecycleDC. That Black Friday message wasn’t from the FreecycleDC moderator! It was from the ReUseItDC moderator. ReUseIt Network is an alternative to Freecycle with more than 430 groups in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and growing. Now there’s a choice!

  2. Robin,
    Yes you are correct. It is Reusit.

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