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Daily Archives: August 25th, 2005

Wedding Reception
Originally uploaded by julio and Lisa.

Here is Eddie and Jess ready to leave at the end of their reception. It was a wonderful wedding. It was a memorable experience. Jess’s immediate family and church family were welcoming and loving. We had a blast. It was a treat to see my whole family. Lisa and I can’t wait to see everyone again.

French sports daily L’Equipe accused Lance of
taking an enhancement drugs to win the Tour.
What ever you think, you got to look up to the
guy for facing the accusation head on.
Tonight he is going on Larry King Live.
That should be interesting.
I think he is clean, I don’t have any evidence, but it seems that the lab was not following the rules.
Their test had to remain anonymus because they did not have two samples of blood from Lance since it was from 1999.

Francios Thomazeua in Cycling News Wire writes:

Regardless of their scientific validity, the way in which the results of the tests on Armstrong’s 1999 samples have been obtained is in breach of anti-doping procedures.

Adrian Wojnarowski writes:

Either he’s the most persecuted athlete of our time, or the biggest fraud ever.

Andy raises some good points. He basically says the guy is untouchable. Hopefully the truth come out soon.
I am one of those that wants to believe the best in Lance.

Check out our pictues from El Salvador by going to our
Welcome Page.

Habitat for Humanity Construction
Originally uploaded by julio and Lisa.

This is the house Lisa and I worked on with Habitat for Humanity. We had a blast in El Salvador working with our friends from Kits Community Church and Emmanuel Baptist Church.