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Daily Archives: August 10th, 2005

Check out this web page: New Breed Music. I just saw their video on iTunes. This group has some fun music and they are praising God too. Good stuff.

Tide. Way. Out.
Originally uploaded by 2shoes.

This past Saturday, Lisa and I enjoyed the drastic tide changes in Vancouver. We got to go about half mile into the bay (or whatever it is called) and there was a beautiful sandbar way out there. We were able to jump into the deep deep ocean from the sand bar. The water was great. This only happens on a new moon or full moon. That was our summer highlight in Vancouver.

Well this week we broke the $1.10/pint barrier in Canada. There were some major stalls today on the highway and the traffic guy said he thinks it is because of the high gas prices and people are waiting to fill up their tank. So if you are like us you are looking for the lowest price in Vancouver check out this web site: Gas Prices or in the US you can check out Gas Buddies.